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    The CLEO Institute enlisted Zubi
to develop a campaign to raise awareness about climate change. The result, Melting Florida, was a statewide campaign featuring wax sculptures in key markets left to melt in the sun and reveal environmental messages, such as “More heat, less health.” According to Ivan Calle, vice president and executive creative director at Zubi.
We feel strongly about developing campaigns that benefit
the community.
Ivan Calle
Vice President and Executive Creative Director, Zubi
Melting Florida by Zubi
"While global warming is a worldwide problem, Florida is one of the areas most affected by climate change, with far-reaching adverse consequences for public health, immigration, food supply, water and biodiversity. Since Zubi was founded in Florida, we feel an enormous responsibility to not only preserve our state but also make an impact in the fight against climate change on a national scale.”
    Drive Your Truth by fluent360
In Drive Your Truth for Nissan North America, fluent360 created an emotional campaign to amplify
Latino voices, asking people who thought they were screen testing
for a commercial how Hispanics are portrayed in the media. What emerged was not only a showcase of Latino diversity but also an opportunity to
be seen and to speak their truth. “We interviewed people from all over Latin America—Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean... It was important
for us to show how diverse Latinos
are —we have worlds within worlds, intersections and representation matters. We felt a responsibility to
tell these authentic stories and have Nissan contribute to the push for more inclusion,” said Jose Suaste, executive creative director of fluent360.

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