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   Campaigns for Good Causes
The social, racial and political movements of 2020 served as an awakening for many brands to take on larger issues of social responsibility, as multicultural consumers demand more transparency and higher standards when it comes to brands “doing the right thing.” From climate change, voter registration, cancer fundraising, organ donation and many more, these creative campaigns began with cultural insights that resonated across broad audiences.
   Alma has been a leader in doing just that. As part
of a voter registration campaign, the Unmute Your Voice project for Pepsi focused on the multicultural American youth, who are fueling demographic and cultural changes within the U.S. landscape, and encouraged them to let their voices be heard to effect change. “These young adults have experiences and perspectives that are different and deserve to be represented. With the disproportionate impact
of COVID-19 on multicultural communities coupled with the proliferation of social and racial justice movements, we found an insight that represented
all those frustrations in a powerful symbol—the mute button—and created a lively and meaningful connection with young people through music”.
Unmute Your Voice by Alma
By ‘unmuting your voice,’ we wanted to drive home the power
of the individual vote.
Monica Marulanda
Executive Creative Director, Alma
Unmute Your Voice also featured a partnership with Rock the Vote to curate an epic concert experience through Triller, an emergent app customizing its platform to serve as the two-night event’s venue featuring some of the biggest names and rising stars in the music industry.
 BK Cows’ Menu by We Believers
"When the power of creativity is fused into thought leadership initiatives, that’s where
the magic happens,” said to Gustavo Lauria, co-founder and CCO of We Believers, who developed the BK Cows’ Menu campaign for Burger King Global. “By sharing an open-source recipe that leads to fewer methane emissions, we challenged the fast-food industry—including our competition—to join us in making long-term changes to reduce the environmental impact
of beef. We are incredibly proud to have rolled out this project on a global scale for one of the world’s most creative brands,” Lauria added. To date, the Cows’ Menu video has garnered 12.5 billion views.

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