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    SneakerCam by Tippit & Moo
SneakerCam, an initiative created by the American Cancer Society to raise awareness and funds within the context
of the popular NCAA College Basketball March Madness brackets,was launched during Suits & Sneakers Week by the agency Tippit & Moo. During that week, coaches and their staff wore sneakers with their suits during the games, while encouraging fans to back the team and join in the fight against cancer. “The challenge for our agency was to capitalize on the huge visibility of this event by creating
a spot that could stand out among many high-profile sponsors.
We needed something that could dominate
the conversation with a small budget and turn that into a big fundraiser —and we did it by introducing an entertainment factor, an element that the world
of cause-marketing tends to forget.
Gabriel Flores
 Creative Director, Tippit & Moo
 Second Chances by Casanova//McCann
The campaign Second Chances for Donate Life California, created by Casanova//McCann, gave drivers who commit traffic violations a “second chance” as thanks for being registered organ donors and giving fellow citizens a second chance at life. President & CEO Ingrid Otero-Smart said the key element of the project was the simplicity of the concept: “Every year, we take on at least two pro- bono projects—when we found out that only 45 percent of California drivers were organ donors, we knew we could make a difference. Our client trusted us, and we knew we could use our talents and platform to save lives. In one month, 110,000 drivers signed up as donors (that’s 30,773 more than the same month in the previous year), and those extra donors have the potential to save 246,184 lives.
We couldn’t be prouder.”
The really creative part is they didn’t nag non-donors with facts and figures. They showed them
what they were missing out on. Now organ donations are up, people are alive who wouldn’t be. And the police enjoy a more positive interaction with the community. Real creativity
works for everyone.
According to author Dave Trott

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