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    In 2019, Wing enlisted the Latin GRAMMY Award-winning band Flor De Toloache to create the Immigrant Song
on behalf of the Southern Poverty Law Center to
teach immigrants about
the rights they can exercise when interacting with law enforcement and immigration authorities.
Who knew that
campaign would become
prophetic for what was to come
in 2020.
Pepe Aguilar
currently the Founder & Creative Prosperity Officer, Bloom but previously CCO of Wing
Immigrant Song by Wing
“In life and in business, there are moments when things line up in such a way that it appears to be driven by a higher purpose—being able to connect music with social justice initiatives that educate and empower our community makes our work worthwhile. As advertising creatives, it’s important to remain aware of our responsibility to our community and give back whenever possible.”
  Creativity Catches Eyes and Captures Hearts
No matter the situation, creativity remains the winning card, and multicultural agencies have the diverse perspectives to connect with niche and broad audiences alike.
 Royal Prestige Blender by BBQ Agency
For the Royal Prestige Blender campaign for Hy Cite, BBQ Agency tapped into the growing trend of cooking from scratch to showcase how kitchen tools can be a valued partner in making meals with the right personal touch. “In a time when the kitchen
and everything related to food have become one of the fastest-growing consumer categories, we wanted to show that the love that you put into cooking can’t be bought at a store— cooking is a labor of love and is as personal as the people you share your meals with and the tools and utensils you use,” said BBQ Agency President Pablo Buffagni.
 Our ad was really a love letter to all the at-home meal preparers.
Pablo Buffagni
President, BBQ Agency

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