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       Without clinging to clichés but addressing the true reality of the pandemic,
Lopez Negrete Communications showed the power of neighbors helping neighbors, of families redefined and of unified communities when times get tough in its More Than Neighbors campaign for Walmart.
With a Hispanic family as the protagonist, the heartwarming ad depicted how neighbors come up with ways to keep enjoying life and helping others, subtly positioning
Walmart as the surest way to get everything needed for a wonderful holiday dinner and the best option for contact-free shopping and delivery, according to President & CEO Alex López Negrete, Chief Creative Officer Fernando Osuna, Executive Group Account Director Anne Davie, and Executive Creative Director Manuel Villegas.
More Than Neighbors by Lopez Negrete Communications
   Spectrum Latino and Ozuna’s Facebook page by INFUSION
During a time when the pandemic has interfered with our ability to gather, INFUSION developed a creative cross- platform campaign with Spectrum TV, partnering with reggaeton superstar, Ozuna, to stream an exclusive 20-minute concert on Spectrum Latino and Ozuna’s Facebook page. “At a time when fans can’t attend concerts, we brought them an experience to enjoy from the comfort of their homes or on the go. For biculturals ages 18 to 34, mobile is their lifeline, music their passion, and Ozuna is one of their top artists,” said Liz Castells-Heard, CEO and chief strategy officer at INFUSION.
We were proud
to bring families together, add some joy
during a difficult season and be part of the digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic.
Liz Castells-Heard, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, INFUSION

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