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   The power of the U.S. Hispanic market is revealed by creative work
that reflects its realities, idiosyncrasies and patterns of cultural crossover, boosting the power of well-targeted brand messages.
  Since 2010, Hispanics have represented more than half the total population growth in the U.S. and have played a key role in the nation’s economy. According to the U.S. Census, the
Hispanic population reached a record of 60.6 million in 2019, or 18 percent of the population. As more Latinos reach adulthood, that translates to a surge in purchasing power, currently at $1.7 trillion.
Although Hispanics have become an important driving force of the economy—a 2020 Hispanic Market Report by Claritas indicates they’re the largest minority and biggest spenders in the U.S.—the level of investment by brands is nowhere in proportion to the amount Hispanic consumers are buying.
But not all brands make that mistake. Toyota, Burger King, Nissan North America, Avocados From Mexico, Pepsi, Walmart, Donate Life California, Uplift Group, Spectrum, the CLEO Institute, Southern Poverty Law Center, The American Cancer Society and Hy Cite are among the brands that have prioritized connecting with Hispanic consumers by partnering with multicultural agencies, including Casanova//McCann, Alma, Lopez Negrete Communications, We Believers, BBQ Agency, Zubi, Conill, d expósito & Partners, El Autobus, fluent360, INFUSION by Castells, LERMA/, Tippit & Moo and Wing.
"Our agencies have the creative talent, cultural expertise and experience that commands a place at the strategic marketing table right now. There’s no point in waiting when we know that 100 percent of U.S. population growth comes from the multicultural market,” warned Ingrid Otero-Smart,
president and CEO of Casanova//McCann.
Creativity can be linked to adversity—or as the writer Jorge Luis Borges put it back in 1983, “Happiness is an end in itself and requires nothing more, while misfortune must be transformed into something else.” Often under-recognized by the industry, Hispanic agencies have had to be scrappy,
By Liz Unamo
Hispanic & Media Advertising Editor
maximizing budgets, harnessing marketing savvy and deep cultural expertise to develop creative solutions that grow their clients’ bottom line.
“It’s all about creativity fueled by cultural insights that not only activate a universal truth but also deeply engage the consumer on a personal level. As
a successful multicultural agency, we are known for our big ideas, our passion for the Hispanic market and our hard work that builds meaningful relationships between our client brands and consumers,” according to a statement by the team at Lopez Negrete Communications headed by President & CEO Alex López Negrete, Chief Creative Officer Fernando Osuna, Executive Group Account Director Anne Davie, and Executive Creative Director Manuel Villegas.
Gabriel Flores, creative director at Tippit & Moo, recalled that multicultural agencies have a unique advantage over their counterparts in the general market because they live in both worlds: “We embody the idea of having multi-cultures, as we
are constantly exposed to mainstream cultural expressions just as much as the mix of cultures
from our countries of origin. This ability to navigate between different worlds makes us valuable advisers to ensure our brand activations are constantly culturally fluent and avoid depicting stereotypes that multicultural communities in this country are so sick of.”
Nonetheless, Sandra Weisinger, creative director at El Autobus, went a step further and proposed that since the U.S. is a multicultural country, by extension its agencies ought to be multicultural as well—because if they’re not, they’re missing a great opportunity. “A multicultural agency already possesses the marketing savvy that all agencies have but with a huge differentiating factor: multicultural agencies have the expertise to connect with specific micro-audiences
as well. And of course they have the key: cultural insight.”

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