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   About the Hispanic Marketing Council We have a 25-year legacy.
For nearly 25 years, the Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) has championed the Hispanic market in
corporate boardrooms and advocated for increased investment in Hispanic marketing strategies—
all while ensuring that experts with trusted Hispanic market expertise are at the forefront of this discussion. Through our collective thought leadership initiatives and groundbreaking research, we have helped marketers gain understanding,
and our member firms have helped them achieve market share, increase revenue and grow profits by reaching and connecting with Hispanic consumers. As such, our association has grown to represent more than 25,000 marketing, creative, research, and media executives who have trusted and proven Hispanic marketing expertise.
Hispanic marketing must be a core practice for long-term growth.
Despite the unrivaled growth of the U.S. Hispanic population to 60 million and the largest diversity audience, corporate focus on the Hispanic audience continues to lag. While 2020 brought heightened interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion, this has not translated to greater or even appropriate allocation of targeted budgets for Hispanic marketing. With Hispanics continuing to fuel demographic changes, cultural transformation and economic growth, segment marketing has never been more critical. Brands must understand that marketing to Hispanics as a core practice for long-term growth and relevance is a business imperative. Without overt and focused inclusion efforts coupled with investment targeting Hispanics, marketers’ efforts are simply out of touch, out of tune, and will fall short of their potential.
We are your marketing power partners.
In a time of racial awakening on behalf of companies, consumers are demanding equality and proper representation coupled with culturally competent, responsible, and sustainable efforts from marketers. Brands must authentically speak to all ethnicities and cultural groups, of which Hispanics represent the largest and fastest-growing segment. We are the leading think tank and the go-to resource helping brands find the right partners to become culturally fluent and fully effective in the Hispanic market—let our member directory be your guide.
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