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   In-Culture Content Remains Strong, Including Spanish-Language Programming Many marketers mistake Hispanic marketing for Spanish-language marketing, despite the vast majority of Hispanics under 50 being bilingual and not Spanish-reliant. Today, Spanish continues to be a powerful connector to culture, with eight in 10 Hispanics ages 13 to 49 watching Spanish-language TV on traditional channels, like Telemundo and Univision. While 94% of Hispanic teens were born in the U.S., a staggering 75% of them watch SVOD content originally in Spanish, compared to 83% of Hispanic parents ages 25 to 49—71% prefer the original Spanish while 29% opt for English dubbing/ sub-titles.
8 of 10 HISPANICS 13–49 Watch SVOD Content Originally in Spanish
71% prefer the original Spanish,
29% opt for English dubbing/sub-titles
% Watch SVOD Orig. in Spanish (2020)
77% Watch English SVOD Using Spanish Dubbing or Subtitles
Mostly for practical reasons (76%)
31% Language entire family speaks
24% Most comfortable in Spanish
22% Able to watch shows people talk about
For the other 24%, it’s variety...“Enjoy having new Spanish content to watch, beyond traditional Spanish TV”
QM8: Do you watch shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU etc. that are originally in Spanish? ...Yes, in original Spanish...Yes, but select English dubbing or sub-titles all or most of the time BASE: HISP THAT WATCH SVOD 381 H25-49 parents of Kids 8-12 + 369 H13-17s 2018 DIGITAL LIVES STUDY QMA20/15 Do you visit sites that have content specifically for African Americans/Hispanics? BASE: TL. RESPONDENTS (802 NHB/808 HISP 18-49 + 361 NHB/366 HISP 13-17s) Picture source: Fandom Wiki
More than three quarters of Hispanic Gen Zers and adults under 50 watch English SVOD using Spanish dubbing or subtitles. For 76% of them, they do this for practical reasons such as co-viewing in a language everyone in the family can speak. For the other 24%, they enjoy having new Spanish content to watch, beyond traditional Spanish-language TV. In fact, 40% of all their SVOD viewing is in Spanish, a mix of Spanish originals and English-language content that is dubbed or sub-titled in Spanish.
QM9 Have you watched English-language shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, etc. using Spanish dubbing or sub-titles? BASE HISP THAT WATCH SVOD 381 HP25-49 of Kids 8-12 + 368 H13-17s. QM10 What is the primary reason you watch these English-language shows in Spanish? BASE HISP THAT WATCH ENGLISH SVOD WITH IN SPANISH 296 HP25-49 Parents of Kids 8-12 + 160 H13-17s
Social Media Enhances TV/Streaming and Path to Purchase
According to Kantar, the collectivist nature of Hispanics led the community to turn to social media to engage and continue the dialogue around content consumed on TV and streaming. There was a 71% increase in social media activity around Spanish-language primetime news and talk vs. the year prior. Social media activity around English- language primetime news and talk only increased by 17%.

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